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"Serving Western New York since 1847"

Mission Statement:
Since 1847, the purpose of the Bible Society of Western New York has been to “provide” the Holy Scriptures to every man, woman, and child, in a language and form that can easily be understood, and at a price each can afford or giving the Scriptures away, still maintaining the Society with the least expense possible. This purpose is undertaken without doctrinal note or comment, and without profit.

Activities and Programs:
The Bible Society operates a small Bible Bookstore in the Society’s own building. We carry a wide variety of Bibles in English, Spanish and other world languages, in all current translations and versions. Many are sold at cost, the remainder at a small markup to cover the expenses of running the bookstore and the Society, generally. Other merchandise available includes resource materials to enhance Bible study and understanding, and accessories such as cases and cover, magnifiers, and indexing tabs. Christian literature in other genre is available by special order. We offer educational materials for Home Schooling, and will also special order additional materials as available. We are not able to ship books or Bibles locally, or to individuals. Only orders of Bibles published by the American and International Bible Societies can be shipped from their warehouses to appropriate ministries. We cannot accept Internet orders at this time.
Additional income for our mission comes from denominational grants and direct contributions from individuals, churches, and ministries/organizations.

Scripture Grants:
As funds permit, we offer Scriptures to qualified organizations, programs and ministries as reduced cost or free distribution. Application forms are available upon request. We may also refer programs to other Scripture Granting programs as appropriate. All requests must be for programs of ongoing engagement in the Scriptures to be considered for receiving any grants. Certain other limitations are explained in the grant application. We do not provide monetary grants. 
Scripture portions, tracts and leaflets may also be available without or at nominal costs.
Annual Daily Bible Reading Guides are available, each year, at no cost, but contributions are appreciated for quantity requests.

Contact Information:
Bible Society of Western New York
2561 Main Street
Buffalo, NY  14214
(716) 833-3430
Fax - (716) 833-3431
Bookstore and Offices
Mondays and Tuesdays 10 - 6
Wednesdays, Thursdays,
Fridays  10 - 5 
Closed Weekends and Holidays
If in doubt, call before you come in!

Summer Sale

Selected Bibles, Books and CD's. Up to 20% off marked prices!

Homeschool Curriculum Materials Sale

Beginning April 1, 2010, all materials currently in stock will be on sale, at 20% off.  We will no linger be maintaining an in-store inventory of these resources. In the future, we will only offer special orders on these materials.

2010 Daily Bible Readiing Guides in Spanish and English are still available .  Call us or come in to get your copies!


Field Trips for Bible Study Groups

We are offering a new service to Bible Study groups. We can accommodate groups of up to 10 persons in our Bookstore, and will provide leadership for dicussion of topics such as: The History of the English Bible, Why So Many Translations and Versions, What Reference Materials Can I Use to Improve My Understanding and Knowledge of Scriptures. Additional topics can be arranged.  Please call the Office and ask for Kirsten to schedule your Field Trip.

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